Classified Preferred Packages

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Create targeted AWARENESS in print and online with a Cell Press Custom Preferred Package. Each package is uniquely targeted to a specific market and offers remarkable savings on published rate card prices*.

  • Includes 60 days posting on Cell Career Network
  • Print ads include Quarter, Half, or Full page 4 color (FP4C) advertisement in one print issue per journal.
  • Ads to run concurrently in a single month, as allowed by the publication schedule.
  • One creative ad file to be used across all journals in the package.

*Individual ad spaces are also available. Contact your Sales Representative for information.


Classified Preferred Packages
Targeted Reach*
Package Title Print Circulation Print + Online
Cancer Research Package 21,275 1,676,000
Cell Biology Package 20,816 1,598,000
Genetics Package 24,816 1,601,000
Immunology & Infectious Diseases Package 21,540 1,673,000
Neuroscience Package 21,062 1,691,000
Pharma / Biotech Package 20,922 1,651,000
Stem Cell Package 21,244 1,625,000


*Targeted Reach and Package images are for reference only. Individual and customized packages will vary according to customer need. Please contact your Sales Representative for more details.


Genetics Package

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