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borrow lab handFor more than 40 years, Cell Press has led the Life Science industry with a collection of prominent, peer-reviewed publications that span the breadth and depth of the Life Science market. We have remained committed to combining the highest-quality science with innovations in technology and publishing practices.

We get it. Building a highly effective marketing strategy requires creative and strategic thinking, bringing together compelling messages with engaging experiences, all within the context of targeting and timing efforts to maximize meaningful visibility. Cell Press understands that your needs are changing, the audience is evolving, and it is getting tougher to design efficient programs in this quick-shifting marketing landscape.

For 2015, Cell Press is excited to present the 5 Elements of effective marketing to scientists – product categories and offerings that will transform the way you think about advertising with us. Of course, we will still be offering the products you love, online banners and print advertising in our many journals, but we aim to help you reach far beyond the static, into the hearts and inboxes of our subscribers.

Senior scientists and researchers across the globe continue to turn to Cell Press journals each month to stay abreast of the latest and most salient scientific discoveries. Cell’s latest impact factor increased to 33.116*, and as such remains the number one research journal in the Cell Biology and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology category. Cell Press publishes 28 journals spanning the life sciences including the leading Trends review journal series, and consistently works to bring the industry new and exciting resources. Recently, Cell Press launched the Journal Reader App for mobile devices keeping scientists in the know, and on the go. Additionally, Cell Nucleus, first launched in 2013, has now evolved into the most comprehensive advertising platform life science to offer – a robust content alignment opportunity that offers exclusive branding and lead generation, while staying true to the science.At Cell Press, we understand that you need to reach leading scientists and researchers globally, and are delighted to offer you an extensive range of integrated solutions to promote your product or brand to the widest possible audience.

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Cell Press is delighted to bring you opportunities to generate leads by connecting your brand with our highly qualified audience.

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